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USA Pest Defense is a full service residential, commercial and industrial pest control company serving the Ocala, Florida area and the surrounding counties. We’re known for our outstanding customer service!

• Expertise in both residential and commercial pest control.

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USA Pest Defense

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USA Pest Defense provides pest control services for residential and commercial properties in Ocala, Florida and the surrounding area of Central Florida.

We protect your home or commercial property from common pests such as ants, spiders, cockroaches, earwigs, silverfish, and rodents.

All our services are guaranteed. If the pests return before you next regular service, so do we at not extra cost.

If you need a pest control company, contact USA Pest Defense for a Free Inspection & Quote for your pest services.

Residential Pest Control Ocala
Residential Pest Control In OCala

We’ll keep your home–and your family–safe. Our EPA standard products and expert technicians will ensure you get only the best local pest control care. We treat your home as if it was our own.

Commercial Pest Control Ocala
Commercial Pest Control In Ocala

Keeping pests away from your business is our business. We know commercial pest control inside-and-out, including local and industry regulations, so your business stays compliant and safe.

Termite Control & Treatment In Ocala

The termite is one of Ocala’s most common–and most destructive–pests. We offer the most advanced termite control ocala fl solutions available for both prevention and treatment.

Ocala Florida Exterminator
Extermination services In Ocala

Our local Ocala pest control specialists handle any pest, rodent, or bug problem in Ocala, Florida. All of our professional extermination services are guaranteed.

no matter the pest, USA PEst defense can handle it. fast.
Bees & Wasps
bed bugs


A rodent infestation can quickly wreak havoc on your home or business in Ocala, Florida.They carry dangerous diseases, contaminate large amounts of food, and play host to fleas. At USA Pest Defense, we’re skilled in eliminating rat, mice, or squirrel infestations efficiently. DIY solutions are rarely able to address the issue permanently. It’s vital to get to the source of the problem, eliminating every nest and nesting site.  


Ocala, FL homes and businesses are prone to bed bugs thanks to our heat and humidity. Frequent travelers can be at an even greater risk. Though tiny in size, bed bugs are among the most intrusive and difficult to eradicate pests. Bed bugs feed on blood, almost always at night, and leave its human host with an itchy, red bite. However, they can go up to a year without a meal. They’re visible to the naked eye, but they’re excellent at hiding. Look for evidence in the seams of mattress, cracks in bed frame or headboard, or the mattress box spring.This resilient pest truly requires a specialist who can deploy a combination of methods in order to eradicate the entire population. If any eggs are left, the problem will return.

termite control ocala fl

Causing an estimated $5 Billion in property damage every year, a termite problem can mean devastating consequences for your home or business. They can reduce your home value and cause major structural issues. Preventative treatment is key because they can go unnoticed for years before you see the evidence of their costly destruction. Laying up to 30,000 eggs per day, the infestation quickly gets out of control.

Cockroach CONTROL ocala fl

If you’ve lived in Ocala long enough, you’ve almost inevitably encountered a cockroach at some point. Common species include the German cockroach or the American cockraoch, which has the distinction of being Ocala’s largest. These nocturnal creatures are more than a nuisance. Roaches carry diseases which can contaminate surfaces and food. Known for their resilience, they can even live for weeks with their head detached.

Spider CONTROL ocala fl

There are few pests that provoke more fear than spiders. And Ocala’s climate provides the ideal habitat for many species. Although many are harmless, others can be dangerous and even lethal, such as the Black Widow or Brown Recluse. A spider control problem in your business, particularly if you work in food service or hospitality, can send the wrong signal to customers and quickly send them packing.

Bee, wasp & hornet CONTROL ocala fl

Bees, wasps, and hornets require special care and equipment to eliminate safely, particularly if the nest is larger than a fist. Our trained bee control technicians have the training and tools to remove your problem with minimal environmental impacts.

Ant Control ocala fl

Ants breed quickly and leave a chemical trail which attracts even more ants to their colony. Fire ants can be especially aggressive and leave pets, children, or other patrons of your business with painful stings. They can gain entry to buildings through the HVAC, and may even cause electrical malfunctions in air conditioners or other machinery. But whether you’re dealing with fire ants, carpenter ants, black house ants, or another variety, it’s a problem that you need eradicated quickly.

mosquito Control ocala fl

It’s hard to enjoy your backyard if you’ve got a mosquito problem on your hands. But mosquitos aren’t just annoying, they can carry diseases like West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, or the Zika Virus.  Though most common in spring and summer, a mosquito infestation can strike at any time in Ocala, Florida. Using safe and environmentally friendly solutions, we can restore the peace.

Snake control ocala fl

Ocala is home to many venomous snakes, including Cottonmouth, Pygmy Rattlesnake, Timber Rattlesnake, Coral Snake, and Cottonmouth. That’s why it’s vital to always consult a professional.If you spot a snake, give USA Pest Defense a call so we can safely determine the species and handle your issue humanely.

Bird control ocala fl

Birds can create an unsightly mess, they’re capable of transmitting diseases on a large scale. The feathers and droppings of a single bird can carry more than 60 diseases. Management of nuisance birds requires humane solutions. USA Pest Defense applies their expertise with environmentally safe bird repellents, roosting and landing prevent techniques, and more.

Flea & Tick CONTROL ocala fl

Unfortunately, pet owners are especially vulnerable to flea infestations. These wingless insects are agile jumpers, meaning they can jump from host to host and easily spread. USA Pest Defense deploys a multi-prong approach to eliminate the problem and prevent them from ever returning. Pet owners are also likely to notice more quickly if they have a tick problem on their hands. Ticks in Ocala can carry Lyme disease and other harmful diseases. If you have a tick infestation on the grounds of your business, we can help stop the problem in its tracks.

Reviews From Our Customers

Thanks to Derrick and Mike who do an outstanding job. Very thorough. No more little pests after one visit. Highly recommend. Reasonable prices too!
Jagva Vaa
Jagva Vaa
01:29 05 Dec 19
I have known Mike Story for over 2 years now and have only ever been impressed with his professional demeanor and clear attention to detail as well as his upfront expectations and fairness. If he can't help you he will tell you so, instead of charging you for services that won't fix your problem.When he can't help you, he will point you to someone that is able to help whenever possible. Don't wait your time trying to weed out empty promises. Call Mike and get the to the truth whatever it happens to be.
R. Charlie Caccamis
R. Charlie Caccamis
22:00 06 Mar 19
Mike Story is the most knowledgeable inspector that I have ever met. He does a fantastic job and he truly cares about his customers. Highly recommend USA Pest Defense!!!!
Matthew Jensen
Matthew Jensen
20:43 26 Feb 19
I've referred Mike to several clients and they rave about his level of service. He has earned me additional credibility with them and they come to me for other referrals as a result. I guarantee he will not try to sell you unnecessary services. He helps you understand your best option. Mike is the most knowledgeable person about pests I've ever met! Takes one to know one? LOL. Just kidding Mike! Luv ya mean it!
Justin Causey
Justin Causey
14:50 26 Feb 19
Mike is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to insects and other pests. He takes the time to explain the cause and what action is necessary. He is very polite and professional! He is simply the best when it comes to Pest Defense.
Alicia Clifford
Alicia Clifford
12:47 26 Feb 19
Mike is very knowledgeable, friendly and experienced. He gives you all the information you need to make knowledgeable and informed decisions. He goes the extra mile and does an exceptional job.
Malynn Percy
Malynn Percy
19:49 24 Feb 19
We needed termite treatment at our courtyard villa in The Villages. Because our home had not been treated since it was built, this required a lot of drilling in our concrete patio in order to apply the treatment properly all around the perimeter. It also involved "trenching" around the foundation of the other 1/2 of our villa, which was completely covered with landscaping rock. Our service person was the consummate professional and an incredibly hard worker. The worked was performed in the middle of the summer in the Florida heat and humidity, but it didn't impede his performance whatsoever. When I was advised that the job was completed, all the holes in the concrete were properly patched and all the dirt, landscape fabric, and rock were right back where they were before the work was started. The pricing was also very fair and competitive. I'd highly recommend U.S. Pest Defense for anyone requiring these types of services. Thanks again Mike!
Doug Mintz
Doug Mintz
17:38 24 Feb 19
This is truly the best company around! Mike came out to do our pest control and he was so friendly. He made sure we understood everything and took his time. Just like talking to an old friend. Cant wait to see him every couple of months!Curtis came out after our inspection to make sure we were not having any problems and troubleshooted the hot water heater for us. Without him we would have been buying a new one we didn't need. BEST COMPANY AROUND! Very highly recommended!!!
Bryon Cassavoy
Bryon Cassavoy
20:36 24 Jan 19
Mike Story of USA Pest Defense is a through, conscientious technician who has the customers pest control needs effectively eradicated.
A Google User
A Google User
15:37 16 Jan 19

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