Termite Control and Treatment

Termite Control & Treatment

Florida suffers from one of the highest rates of termite infestation in the country. Termites are silent destroyers who can quietly eat away at a structure for years, devaluing the property by 25 percent—or more. Scarily, one in five homes will be effected at some point. That’s why we take termite treatment and prevention so seriously. Using the most advanced techniques, we ensure these predators stay far, far away.

• Superior termite detection. Our termite inspections go beyond thorough, so you have peace of mind that no pests are lurking.

• Comprehensive termite treatments and fumigation services.

• Personalized service you can count on.

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we offer the most advanced termite Treatments available

Preventative Termite Treatments

To help guard your home against termites and avoid expensive repair bills, you need a comprehensive termite prevention plan.

Regular termite inspections will protect you from unwelcome surprises. Our annual service checks will save your biggest investment from attack.

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Termite Control Solutions

If termites have declared war on your home or business, we can help. Our thorough, specially trained exterminators will get to work on your property immediately.

We'll conduct a thorough inspection and assessment of your property. Following that, we'll create a customized and ultra-effective termite treatment program.

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USA Pest Defense - Termite Inspection - Serving Ocala and Marion County Florida

preventative Termite treatment

Early detection and elimination is key. USA Pest Defense offers superior termite treatments by utilizing our expert eye for spotting in combination with advanced baiting methods. The good news is that termite prevention poses almost no inconvenience to homeowners,

After a comprehensive inspection of your entire property, inside and out, our termite exterminators will recommend preventative termite treatments for defending the vulnerable entry points they’ve noted, thereby minimizing the risk of infestation. This may involve placing bait stations to monitor the soil around your property’s perimeter. Termites take the bait, then share it with their nest mates. As a result, we can eliminate colonies before they take up residence in your home. 

Termite control services

An active termite problem can be addressed through termite baiting, termite fumigation, or termite soil treatments. The termite treatment used will depend on the species and severity of the issue. There are two main types of termites living in Florida: subterranean termites and drywood termites. 

Subterranean termites live in the soil and enter properties from the ground. So in addition to the interior structures, we will also treat the soil around your home or business. Conventional treatments and termite baiting/monitoring programs are the two primary methods used to get rid of subterranean termites. The first requires the application of a liquid termiticide to the soil (down to the footer depth) around the perimeter of a building and all exterior and interior termite galleries.

Drywood termites infest dry wood and do not require contact with the soil, unlike the subterranean termites. This species often establishes nests in roof materials, wooden wall supports, and dead wood around homes. To eliminate drywood termites, we typically recommend fumigation or spot treatment services.

USA Pest Defense - Termite Control - Serving Ocala and Marion County Florida

Termite faqs

Termites are secretive pests so spotting them can be tricky. They can live undetected in hollow doors and wall voids for many years. Your first clue to a termite problem might come in spring when the reproductive termites of a colony, known as swarmers, fly away from their nest to mate and establish new colonies. After they mate and find a place to start a new colony, the termites shed their wings, often on your window sills. Because swarmers ressemble flying ants, many homeowners dismiss them. Big mistake. If swarmers like your house, their colony will follow. So if you spot a pile of discarded wings, there’s a termite infestation nearby, and it’s time to get a professional termite inspection.

Beyond spotting termite swarmers in spring, be on the lookout for frass, or termite droppings, which typically look like piles of tiny wood pellets or sawdust. In addition, check for mud tubes on exterior or basement walls of your home, usually near the foundation. They are easy to spot. Mud tubes are a sign that subterranean termites, the most common variety, have moved in. Made of soil and termite droppings, these mud tubes provide moisture, warmth and protection. To keep termites away, it’s important to remove moisture rich environments with proper drainage and keep firewood, mulch and wood chips away from your home.

Once you’ve looked for telltale signs of a colony, start looking for evidence of physical damage to your property in the following places:

• Floors—Check laminate or wood flooring and baseboards for signs of weakness, i.e., blistering or sagging. If your floor feels spongy or seems to spring more than usual, it’s time to check underneath.

• Walls—Look for unexplained cracks on walls inside the structure. As termites consume cellulose found in timber framing, plaster or sheet rock will shift and crack.

• Ceilings—Wooden ceilings, beams, and attic rafters are prime eating. Look for cracks on ceilings and cornices and watch for termites falling from recessed lighting and chandeliers.

• Foundation—Termites may not eat concrete, but they can squeeze into the tiniest crack between concrete blocks in a foundation. From there, they travel to wood floor joists. If you are building a new home or adding on, laying a chemical barrier beneath the concrete slab will prevent termites from traveling through foundation cracks. If you’re maintaining an existing structure, be aware that homes with crawl spaces are at even greater risk as their foundations are made of concrete and wood.

• Windows & doors—Are your windows and doors difficult to open? As termites tunnel through and eat their wood frames, alignment issues start to develop.

• Decking, fencing & trees—Take a close look at crumbling decks and wooden fence posts. Long-term damage could lead to collapse. Termite-treated wood or metal posts can help to fix this problem. If branches keep falling off trees in your yard, check to see if termites are at work.

• Roof Tiles—Loose, broken or damp roof tiles attract termites, giving them access to your home. So make a point to find and replace any damaged or water-logged roof tiles.

• Wooden doors, furniture & wooden structural supports – Termites typically feed on wood underneath the surface, keeping them out of sight. But as they eat through the wood, they create hollow spaces and therefore frass. Knock on that wood, and it will sound hollow.

DIY termite control is not an option. Subterranean colonies can extend hundreds of feet from your home, and their average depth is 18 inches. The earlier you notice and address the problem, the less property damage you will have. 

Termites will enter a structure via wood that touches the ground or by building mud tunnels through cracks in concrete slabs or holes where pipes penetrate the foundation. The mode of entry and behavior depends a lot on the local environment, season and weather, which underscores the importance of hiring expert local inspectors who know what’s typical in your area. Houses or commercial buildings—they don’t discriminate. Even buildings constructed on slabs or of concrete block or brick are at risk. Termites can work their way up a structure, eating insulation along the way to get to wooden beams, trusses and rafters. Feeding on the cellulose found in wood, plant material, and even paper or books, they often go undetected with no obvious signs of their presence until significant damage has been done.

Fumigation is most effective, but somewhat invasive. Homeowners have to pack up food and medicines and leave their property for a few days, up to 72 hours depending on weather conditions and the size of the property. All pets have to go, too. Once the structure is tented with tarps, a fumigant is released and allowed to circulate, reaching cracks and crevices where termites have tunneled. Termites then breathe in the fumigant, which depletes their oxygen and shuts down their nervous system.

A technician drills into termite galleries hidden behind walls and injects the application directly into infested areas. Knowing where to drill may require the use of a borescope. And, obviously, the drilling will leave holds in the walls that may need repairing.

Why We’re The Best Choice For Your termite Treatment

Advanced equipment and techniques: When you’re dealing with something as serious as termites, you need access to the best tools and chemicals available.

Customized preventative plans: Our annual termite treatment plans are customized for your home and business. We take the time to truly analyze the terrain and your unique risk factors. There isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for termite treatment.

Full, personalized service: We’re here for you. Whether you need a fast emergency response, dependance maintenance, or anything in between, you can count on USA Pest Defense.

Great value: We’re proud to offer amazing prices, all backed by our 90-day guarantee.

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Derek is friendly, fast, and efficient
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Lorrie Orange
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Mike really knows his stuff! Whatever kind of critter is pestering you, he knows exactly how to get rid of them. From rodents to termites and everything in between, call Mike if you need it gone!
Benjamin Meadows
Benjamin Meadows
21:24 19 Feb 21
Thanks to Derrick and Mike who do an outstanding job. Very thorough. No more little pests after one visit. Highly recommend. Reasonable prices too!
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Jagva Vaa
01:29 05 Dec 19
I have known Mike Story for over 2 years now and have only ever been impressed with his professional demeanor and clear attention to detail as well as his upfront expectations and fairness. If he can't help you he will tell you so, instead of charging you for services that won't fix your problem.When he can't help you, he will point you to someone that is able to help whenever possible. Don't wait your time trying to weed out empty promises. Call Mike and get the to the truth whatever it happens to be.
R. Charlie Caccamis
R. Charlie Caccamis
22:00 06 Mar 19
Mike Story is the most knowledgeable inspector that I have ever met. He does a fantastic job and he truly cares about his customers. Highly recommend USA Pest Defense!!!!
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Matthew Jensen
20:43 26 Feb 19
I've referred Mike to several clients and they rave about his level of service. He has earned me additional credibility with them and they come to me for other referrals as a result. I guarantee he will not try to sell you unnecessary services. He helps you understand your best option. Mike is the most knowledgeable person about pests I've ever met! Takes one to know one? LOL. Just kidding Mike! Luv ya mean it!
Justin Causey
Justin Causey
14:50 26 Feb 19
Mike is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to insects and other pests. He takes the time to explain the cause and what action is necessary. He is very polite and professional! He is simply the best when it comes to Pest Defense.
Alicia Clifford
Alicia Clifford
12:47 26 Feb 19
Mike is very knowledgeable, friendly and experienced. He gives you all the information you need to make knowledgeable and informed decisions. He goes the extra mile and does an exceptional job.
Malynn Percy
Malynn Percy
19:49 24 Feb 19
We needed termite treatment at our courtyard villa in The Villages. Because our home had not been treated since it was built, this required a lot of drilling in our concrete patio in order to apply the treatment properly all around the perimeter. It also involved "trenching" around the foundation of the other 1/2 of our villa, which was completely covered with landscaping rock. Our service person was the consummate professional and an incredibly hard worker. The worked was performed in the middle of the summer in the Florida heat and humidity, but it didn't impede his performance whatsoever. When I was advised that the job was completed, all the holes in the concrete were properly patched and all the dirt, landscape fabric, and rock were right back where they were before the work was started. The pricing was also very fair and competitive. I'd highly recommend U.S. Pest Defense for anyone requiring these types of services. Thanks again Mike!
Doug Mintz
Doug Mintz
17:38 24 Feb 19
This is truly the best company around! Mike came out to do our pest control and he was so friendly. He made sure we understood everything and took his time. Just like talking to an old friend. Cant wait to see him every couple of months!Curtis came out after our inspection to make sure we were not having any problems and troubleshooted the hot water heater for us. Without him we would have been buying a new one we didn't need. BEST COMPANY AROUND! Very highly recommended!!!
Bryon Cassavoy
Bryon Cassavoy
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Mike Story of USA Pest Defense is a through, conscientious technician who has the customers pest control needs effectively eradicated.
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